March 20, 2017

The Hospital Nurse

The Hospital Nurse

English Essay on "The Hospital Nurse"

A nurse is a lady, who looks after a patient in the hospitals. Clad in white shalwar, white shirt and a white strip of cloth winding her hair, she Looks after the patients entrusted to her during her duty hours.
A nurse does very useful services to the suffering people. She takes temperature, blood pressure, feels and counts the pulse, gives the patients injections, glucose or saline drips and transfuses blood. She helps the patients in changing their clothes, eating or drinking. For patients who cannot move she brings urinal or evacuating pot and does other kind
In different departments a nurse has to perform different duties. In Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation she gives massages with different apparatuses, gives diathermy, exercise and loves to help the patients to improve their physical handicaps. In operation theatre she is expected to give the surgeon the necessary instruments when nodded. Some times, she takes the patients in a wheeled small chair outside the hospital room in the park of the hospital. She is glad when a patient is cured and sad when one expires in the hospital.
A nurse is always kind hearted and full of pity, of course, except a few whom I have found repulsive, unkind and rough. She approaches a patient with smiles on her tips and with her encouragements she kindles hopes in h heart. She loves to serve those patients even who are rough in manners and harsh in words. She is always by a seriously ill patient and calls on the duty doctor when needed. She treats the older people with reverence, the young’s with sisterly love and the infants with motherly cares. Generally people don’t have a high opinion about her but she deserves to be respected, to be given due place in society and to be regarded a benefactors.

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