October 01, 2015

A Visit to a Juma Bazar

A Visit to a Juma Bazar

English Essay on "A Visit to a Juma Bazar"

One Friday, I and my younger brother decided to go to the New Karachi Juma Bazar as I wanted to buy some Australian Parrots. As we reached the juma bazar we were surprised to see the arrangement.
A large area of land was surrounded with 'Qanats'. Canopies were erected to make the area shady. The area was divided into different blocks for shops of different articles. There were blocks for general-merchandise shops, dry fruit shops, toy shops and others. People were busy in buying and selling things.
There was noise everywhere. At the vegetable and fruit shops we found that things were cheaper. But on close examination we found that the quality of vegetables and fruits was inferior. We came out of the block and went to see other blocks. Every where business was a rush. 4essay.blogspot.com
In side the area fenced with 'qanats’ the shopkeepers were those who were permanent members of the Juma Bazar and had got their shopping place reserved. Out side the area there were non-member shopkeepers sitting on the ground and displaying their articles. There were cloth sellers, crockery sellers, shoes sellers, spoon and glass sellers etc. Thellas selling tea, burgers, sherbat, cold drinks and fruit juice were also there.
On one side there sat persons with liens and cocks. In a row there were persons selling parrots, pigeons, and other birds. They kept cages before them in which they kept the birds for sale. A few boys had brought only one pigeon in their hands to sell. There was a noise in the market as sale price was being discussed and fixed.
We tried to buy a few Australian parrots. With difficulty and after much discussion we agreed at a rate but when I put my hand in to the pocket it came out of the other end. Some expert pick pocket had cut open my inner pocket and had run away with my money. I told the fact to my younger brother and the seller. We had to return home on foot for we had no money to pay bus fare.

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