August 12, 2015

An Evening at Cinema

An Evening at Cinema

English Essay on "An Evening at Cinema"

I was Friday and was enjoying the holiday when two of my friends came to my house and asked me to get ready to go to the cinema for see the 6 PM Show. I asked them the seats had been booked, The reply was is negative.
We reached Bambino cinema hall at about four in the evening. To my surprise quite a good numbers of people were already present there standing in queues in front of the booking windows. We also stood in the queue before the booking window for first class tickets.
As the booking time approached nearer and nearer, the queues became longer and longer. Some people gathered on both sides of the queues requesting those who were in the queues to buy tickets for them also.
As the booking windows opened, the queues disappeared to a great extent. Every body was pushing others to get access to the window. A few goonda type persons tried to reach the window by diving over the heads of people. There was commotion and tumult. There were shouts, and protests, It was with great difficulty that we got the tickets. As we came near the entry gate we saw some people black-marketing the tickets. These persons were either employees of the cinema or goondas who had bought the tickets before hand out side the cinema hall there was a crowd, shouting, talking and making noise.
We entered the cinema hall after handing over the tickets to the gate keeper who tore hall of each ticket away and handed over the other halves to us. A man led us to our seats. It was cool inside. In the dim light we could see people sitting, talking or moving side way to get to their seats. A soft murmur could be heard every where Hawkers were shouting out the names of the articles they were selling. We bought popcorn packets and chocolates. Just a few minutes before six a bell rang. Another bell rang a few minutes later with the third bell, the hall became dark and the noise stopped. At first some advertisements were shown and then the picture began. In the interval we came out of the hall and took Coca Cola. Then we went back to see the remaining picture. As the picture came to an end, national anthem was sting and we stood still. Then we came out the hall to go to our home.

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