March 09, 2015

School Uniforms - Should They Be Abolished

School Uniforms - Should They Be Abolished

English Essay on "School Uniforms - Should They Be Abolished"

One often hears some boys and girls clamouring for the abolition of school uniforms. They argue that they have to spend much more than is absolutely necessary, on buying different kinds of clothes for home and school. They say that uniforms cost more than ordinary clothes of similar materials. Another objection is that uniforms look embarrassing.
A uniform, its very name signifies, helps create uniformity in school and in classrooms. All pupils, regardless of the financial positions of their parents, are dressed alike. Consequently, the disparity of wealth and social status among their families is hardly apparent at school. For this reason, it is important too, that no pupils are allowed to wear ornaments or expensive watches to school.
Just as the flag represents a unit of the armed forces, the uniform represents a school. While wearing the uniform, we are constantly reminded of the honor arid glory of our school, which it is our sacred duty to uphold and enhance. We are not easily tempted to do anything unbecoming on our part, lest we should tarnish the bright name of our school.
If the school authorities did not object to all types of dress being worn to school, boys in tight trousers and all types of hair-cuts, and girls in jeans and unconventional hair-styles, would rob the school of all 'its dignity and honor, reducing it to the status of an amusement park. Besides, it would develop, in the pupils, the habits of irresponsible extravagance. They would try to outdo each other in style and grandeur of dress.
It is very important that school children are prevented from wearing fancy dresses. Such dresses will hardly create an atmosphere conducive to learning. Besides it is necessary for the children of every generation to behave respectably even in matters of dress. Only then will they grow into respectable citizens of tomorrow. Can we prevent our youth from falling, a prey to teddies’ if we let them wear the clothes normally worn by thugs and robbers-in real life or on the screen.( There is not much weight in the argument that school uniforms should be abolished because they entail extra expenditure. One sees no reason why wearing a uniform to school and ordinary clothes at home should cost anybody anything more than wearing the same types of dress at both these places. Everybody needs at least two changes of dress and pupils, to avoid extra expenditure, can do with one uniform and one ordinary dress for home. The uniform may be washed when the pupil is at home and the other dress, when he is at school.
A uniform should not cost more than an ordinary dress of similar material. If such a situation does arise it does so r because the school authorities concerned are not doing their duty. Once a particular type of cloth is needed by a thousand or more persons for a few changes of dress for each, the shopkeepers are sure to raise the price. Similarly, the tailors are likely to raise the stitching charges. The school can help by buying the cloth or ready-made uniforms in bulk and selling them at reasonable prices.
As regards the objection that uniforms look embarrassing, it is pointed out that no uniform should be embarrassing unless it has been designed with an. idea of revenge or punishment, for example, the uniform for prisoners. If some pupils do not like to wear their uniforms even if they are attractive and dignified, the fault is in them and not in the uniform. And they will benefit in the long run, they are helped to grow out of such an absurd attitude.

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