March 09, 2015

How I Pass My Sunday Holiday

How I Pass My Sunday Holiday

English Essay on "How I Pass My Sunday Holiday"

On Sunday, I get up early in the morning and go out for a walk in the country. On returning from the walk, I have my breakfast, take my books and shut myself up in a remote corner of the house. I revised my lessons very Sunday.
My brothers and sisters do not appreciate my habit of poring over books on Sunday, and often make it a point to disturb my studies. My mother, also, is of their opinion and often advises me to go out and play for a time and let examination take care of them. My younger brothers and sisters, particularly, enjoy my self-imposed imprisonment. They keep on annoying me by peeping through the window panes, or through the keyholes in the doors of my study. My father is the only person in the family, who understands my point of view, but he is not often at home.
Sometimes, a few visitors come to visit us. Most of them are office workers like my elder brother and sisters. To them Sunday is a day for rest, playing cards, and paying visits. For one reason or another, some of them knock at my door. I have, willingly or unwillingly, to receive them. Luckily for me, these visitors nearly always arrive about lunch time, and are called into the dining room as soon as the meal is ready. I go on with my work, for this is the only time in the day when I can have to peace and quiet necessary for doing my lessons.( I always have my lunch after all the other has returned to the drawing room for the post-lunch game of cards.
While this is going on, I leave for the park near my house. At this time of the day, I hardly meet my pleasures seekers there. I spread a mat under a shady tree, and sit there absorbed in my studies. When I am tired of sitting on the mat, I climb up a tree for a change. I perch comfortably on a branch and continue reading aloud or in silence, as I please. I leave the park at 5pm when crowds of visitor begin to arrive there.
At home, I find the dinner ready after dinner. I dress up properly and, accompanied by my brothers and sisters, go out for a walk or to the pictures. On returning home, I revise my lesson for another hour or so. I go to bed before 10pm.

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