March 09, 2015

Cinema - Good or Bad

Cinema - Good Or Bad

English Essay on "Cinema - Good Or Bad"

The cinema is the most popular means of entertainment nowadays. There are cinema-halls not only in cities and large town, but, also are some villages. Places without any cinema-halls are, from time to time visited by one travelling cinema or another.
After a day's hard work, we can find a lot of recreation in the cinema halls. We forget our worries and fatigue for at least a couple of hours. Besides providing us with amusement, the cinema can teach us many things of value. From films with moral themes, we learn that' we must be good and noble this reforms our habits and customs.
Pictures portraying historical events give us a glimpse of the past. From them we can get an idea of how kings and queens of ancient times lived and ruled, and of how the common people earned their livelihood. The modern world is so different from the world of ancient times, thanks to the great progress that man has made in social and technological fields, that it is sometimes impossible for an ordinary person to imagine the difference between himself and his distant ancestors.( Films, prepared under expert direction, can make this difference very clear and real to him. The accounts given in history books may be correct and comprehensive, but they offer dull readings.
It is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to understand how and why certain natural phenomena take place. Books and teachers try to explain them, but their explanations are often unimpressive. A proper film on such 2 topics will not only explains it thoroughly, but also will leave an everlasting impression of it on the minds of the audience.
Most of us are too poor and even most of those who are wealthy have no time, to travel abroad and see the various wonders of the world. Documentary films will show us places and men thousands of miles away, at a very small cost. The cinema also helps to promote trade and commerce by providing a very useful medium of advertisement.
Some pictures are very obscene and immoral. By seeing them we might spoil our character. Cowboy pictures have a particularly bad effect on children. They make them trigger-happy, and teach them, how to excel in such low practices as stealing and street fighting.
Some people have become cinema-addicts. They go to the pictures almost daily. Having spent all their earnings on the pictures, they live poorly. They are poorly fed and their children are neglected.
There are others who go to the pictures daily, but, in order to save money, buy cheap tickets and sit too close to the screen. They spoil their eyesight.
People suffering from all kinds of infectious diseases go to the pictures, endangering the' health of others, the fact, that all doors and windows have to be shut during the show, further increases this danger.
Thus we see that the cinema is good if obscene films are not allowed to be shown and if we go to the pictures only once in a while.

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