December 18, 2014



English Essay on "Swimming"

Swimming is the art of self-propulsion on or in water. Almost all animals can swim naturally. Man, however has to learn to swim. Swimming is a very healthy exercise' almost all muscles in the body are used in it.
Aquatic sport was first started in England and then in other countries. It became a standardized competitive event when the Amateur Swimming Association was formed in England in 1869. Before long, all advanced nations had formed their own associations to promote swimming as sport.
Swimming the English Channel has been an event of great interest throughout the world. And unsuccessful attempt at crossing the channel was first made in 1872. It was in 1875 that a man swam across it for the first time. Since then, there have been many international races across the English Channel. Many swimmers have crossed it more than once, and some have done so in either direction. Many of these swimmers were women.
There are four man strokes used in competitive swimming namely. The breaststroke, the butterfly stroke, the crawl stroke, and the backstroke, Diving and floating also are I regarded as parts of the sport. Floating is a particularly useful to people stranded on the high seas. By floating effortlessly on the surface of water, they can save their energy till a passing ship rescues them.
Many people lose their lives while swimming in the open sea. With a little caution, however, such tragedies could be avoided. Even the strongest swimmer should not go far away from land without an escorting boat. Cramps and swift currents are the greatest enemies of swimmers. In the event of being seized with a cramp or being exhausted, the most sensible course to adopt is to turn on one's back and float until help comes.
Some swimming pools in. towns or big cities are not properly looked after the water in them is not changed often enough and they are not disinfected regularly. Many ponds and low-running streams in the countryside are also dangerous to health. Swimming in such places should be avoided.
Before entering into unknown waters, a swimmer should consult someone familiar with the local conditions, and abide by his advice. If caught in a swift current, he should not swim against it, but cut through it diagonally.

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