December 18, 2014



English Essay on "Rubber"

Rubber is also called India-Rubber because it’s first known use to man was that of erasing pencil marks by rubbing, and because it originally came to England form the West Indies. Rubber is used in the manufacture of so many articles that it is hard to give a complete list of them. But tires and tubes for vehicles belts, hoses, shoes, waterproof cloth, and a large variety of glues are among the most important products of rubber. Now rubber is also used in the manufacture of cushions and mattresses. Experiments are being conducted to find but if rubber can be used in building roads.
Any tree that produces 'latex' a white liquid for which rubber is obtained, is called rubber tree. Almost all countries have one tree or another from which some latex may be obtained, but some tropical trees can be tapped very profitably.
For many years up to 1910, Brazil was the most important producer of rubber in the world. In that country rubber trees grew wild, but it was very difficult and often dangerous to tap them, because the forest there were very dense and infested with dangerous animals and poisons snakes. For the same two reasons it was not possible to clear the forests and plant rubber trees in their place. While the climate of Malaysia, Indonesia and Ceylon resembles the climate of Brazil, and favor the growth of trees, these territories have forests, which are not so difficult to cut down as the Brazilian forests. Rubber was introduced into these countries towards the end of the last century, and, within a few years after that, vast tracts of forest lands were cleared and planted with rubber trees. Ever since these countries have dominated the world trade in Rubber.
Natural rubber now faces 'serious competition from the synthetic rubber, a chemical product. There is no immediate danger of the natural rubber being pushed out of the world market, but, in future, only the cheaper kind will survive, as, to some extent, both are equally useful. As rubber is great source of our national prosperity, the producers of rubber in this country must try their level best to keep their costs of production as low as possible. Close co-operation and understanding among the estate workers and estate-owners can help in the achievement of this objective.

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