December 18, 2014



English Essay on "Sports"

The word sports stands for all kinds of physical games. In a wider sense, it includes shooting, hunting, fishing, field games and athletics. Some people take up one game for another so seriously, that, in due course of time, they become specialists in them. Others play games for diversion only. Again, there are some professional players, who earn their livelihood by playing, while the amateur sportsmen play games just for the sake of playing.
One may play a game for money or for pleasure their effect on one's health is the same. Sports benefit our bodies a great deal. They are particularly beneficial to the people who live in large towns and cities, and also to those who work in offices. After a day's mental work, their bodies need some exercise to keep them fit, and their minds need relaxation. Sports provide both in ample measure.
Air-conditioned offices may be good places for intellectual work. But they do much harm to man's health particularly here in our country-by stopping his perspiration altogether. A hard game of football or badminton, for an hour or so in the evening, helps us to get rid of much unwanted matter through sweating.
People who do not like sports might argue that one can take exercise at home just as well. Perhaps, some can do so, but all those who need exercise to keep themselves fit cannot do so. Lack of companionship is, perhaps the most serious obstacle facing them. In almost all outdoor games, many players take part. Usually, they are very good companions with whom to pass one's spare time. If one of them feels lazy, sometimes, his loyalty to the others will attract him on to the field. At other times, his friends will come to fetch him.
But the best use of sports is that they improve the character of those who take part in them. The words sportsman and sportsmanship have become passwords for good man and good character respectively. A player has to care more for the interests of his team than for his own. He has to sacrifice all personal glory to win success for his side.
By obeying the orders given by his captain, he learns how to obey and give orders in life. This also teaches him to be disciplined. He has to be generous and kind to his opponents. All these things make him a better citizen than a person who has never played a game.
We should not, however, spend all our time on sports. Games should be treated as hobbies. Only spare time should be spent on them.

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