December 18, 2014

Boy Scout Movements

Boy Scout Movements

English Essay on "Boy Scout Movements"

The Lord Baden-Powell founded the Boy Scout movement in 1908.the movement is of British origin, but it has already been adopted in more than seventy countries. It aims at training young boys to be good citizens. It is open to all boys of any caste, color, or creed, and makes no distinction between the rich and the poor.
A boy-scout owes his allegiance to God and his country, and to no particular political or religious group on joining the movement, a l)oy has to make a promise that he will do his best to do his duty to God and his country, help all people in need of help and live by the scout law. The scout law requires a scout to be trust worthy loyal to all to whom his loyalty is due, to be useful and helpful to others, to be courteous, brave, thrifty, and to be pure in thought, word, and deed. Every Boy Scout is required to do at least one good turn a day. Observation of the scout law and the daily 'good turn' develops the habit of pure and selfless living among boy scouts.
The boys are encouraged to learn a large variety of handicrafts and to acquire mastery over those trades which are likely, to be useful to them later on, when they enter the world as professional men. It would be impossible to give a full list of arts and crafts taught to boys scouts, but suffice it to say that they learn cooking, fire-fighting, swimming, how to rescue people from fire or water, how to use axes, knives, and other implements, gardening, health and hygiene, and to care for wild life. While going on hiking the scouts are required to respect people's property, not. to jump over fences, not to leave a fire burning, and to be quiet while passing houses. Equipped with this vast training a stout is really fit to serve and to be useful he is an ideal citizen.
Scout rallies and camps bring together scouts from various parts of a country. They live together, help one another, engage in healthy competition of their skills, old concerts around camp-fires, and, in doing all this, create a sense of national unity among themselves. At scout jamborees, boy scouts from all over the world meet their brother scouts from various countries and get to know one another's national customs, traditions, and aspirations. Thus the boy scouts movements help create international understanding.
Much emphasis is laid upon scouting in our schools. Scouting saves many young boys in schools from mixing with undesirable characters in the town, who are always looking for 'recruits'. An adolescent can be saved from many evils, if he is kept occupied. What occupation could be more useful and interesting than scouting.

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