September 12, 2014

The Role of Computer in Everyday Life

The Role of Computer in Everyday Life

English Essay on "The Role of Computer in Everyday Life"

Computer is an electronic device which can be used for many days purpose according to its programming. It works as human mind. Computer technology is being used all over the world. It has produced very deep effect in every field of life.
Nowadays computer are being used in every field of life. The importance of computer can be described by its wide background of uses in every field of life. There are three types of computer.
  1. Analog Computer
  2. Digital Computer
  3. Hybrid Computer
System Software is a set of programs which are designed by computer manufacturer. These programs are developed for efficient management of hardware. The Improve the functional capabilities of the computer and assist the users to solve their problems easily. The need of computers has become the putt of the modern world Computers are being used for different purposes at following places.
  1. In factories and mills
  2. In Offices
  3. At web designing and photoshopes
  4. In Schools, Colleges arid Universities
  5. In scientific and research laboratories
  6. As a personal computer at home
Computers are used in offices factories and mills to keep the records and calculations. They are used in offices and shops for the purpose of calculations and making reports of purchases and sales. Computers are used in schools, colleges and universities for doing e:carnination work and for teaching the students.( Computers are used in making drawings, pictures photographs and designs for the purpose of advertisement at web designing of police and armed forces for the purpose of drawing sketches of the criminal and the pictures of their secret plans. They help in scientific laboratories to provide the information about scientific phenomenon and its calculations.
On looking a short view about the uses of computers, it is cleared that computer are playing their great role in helping mankind in every field of life, so these are the wonders of computers. The importance of computers can also be understood considering its great uses.
Computer Education is popular all over the world. In computer education, different languages are taught which are helpful to operate the computer according to the purpose. The Government of Pakistan has made computer literacy programs for Pakistan. The subject of computer science has been introduced from school level to the university level. Efforts are being made to educate computer knowledge to all government employees that the use of computer becomes very common. The literacy programs about computer hardware have also been introduced.
Many private institutions are also working to educate computer programming and hardware courses with the efforts of government. Short courses about computer technology and computer languages are also bring Introduced in Pakistan. In future, the computer education will become a part of our normal education and everyone will be able to operate his professional and personal computer easily. The computer technology and computer education will also help Pakistan to progress in every field of life, thus a mutual relation and information technology will improve and Pakistan will be able to lead with the modern world.

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