September 13, 2014

Importance of Commerce Education in Pakistan

Importance of Commerce Education in Pakistan

English Essay on "Importance of Commerce Education in Pakistan"

The study of Interchange of merchandise on a large scale between the nations of the world is called Commerce. All the subjects related with commerce education are helpful in trade and Industrial development. It deals with the study of economy wealth, banking, building and the progress of a country.
Commerce as a subject has great Importance In the modern world. It give knowledge about trade and business. It has a wide range of information elated with the following field which are back buries of the practical Improvements of life, trade and materialistic progress.
  1. Economics
  2. Banking and finance
  3. Principles of Commerce
  4. Business and Trade
  5. Business Statistics and Mathematics
  6. Commercial Geography
  7. Book Keeping and Accounting
The usefulness and the Importance of commerce as a subject can be described as following.
  1. The study of commerce helps in flourishing trade.
  2. The study of commerce is helpful in understanding the management, the rules and principles of business.
  3. Commerce as a subject is very helpful to understand the usefulness of resources and income.
  4. Commerce education prepares young generation for the betterment and progress of a country.
  5. Commerce as a subject provides great information for the betterment of trade, systems of economy, circulation of wealth and the principles of working at different wealth institutions.
  6. The study of commerce gives knowledge about social organization, public dealing and marketing.
The study of commerce is a total practical study of the state and society. It is useful to understand the geographical conditions and the natural resources which produced wealth in the world. The study of commerce gives knowledge about management, production and marketing. Therefore a lot of career opportunities for the students of commerce because they are able to manage a system, keep records of every activity and well aware of the method of public interest and marketing.( The students of commerce can work as accountants, managers, suppliers and marketing representatives.
Pakistan is an up-growing country. It is badly needed to progress industries and trade in Pakistan, o that more wealth could be accumulated for the progress of the country. Commerce education will provide great help to reach the maximum advantages, therefore, the best commerce education is necessary for Pakistan. The government of Pakistan is trying to improve the facilities of commerce education. Private institutions are also providing commerce education in Pakistan. Inshallah Pakistan will get its prominent position in the world through modern education and its productive resources will become strong soon in the future. The importance of commerce education in Pakistan helps in improving the conditions of trade and business in Pakistan. The best commerce education Pakistan can improve its economy and management.

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