September 22, 2014

Simple Life is the Best for All

Simple Life is the Best for All

English Essay on "Simple Life is the Best for All"

The happy and contended life is a great blessing of God. I do not believe in ambitious life because ambitions and desires give very trouble and make the life unhappy. This is my interesting dream that I become successful in my character building and lead my life with every moment. I think, every moment in our life is cry precious but we usually remain unconscious and waste our precious moments which can give us great happiness. My idea of happiness is related with the living moments. Everyone here constructs many desires and makes dreams about his future but actually this is an interesting and real dream that we analyse ourselves and pass our lives without any single ambition because ambitions and morality both are different things they cannot go with each other. If you want to pass an ambitious life then you will sacrifice your morality.
A business man or a great financer does not have any morality, he proves himself as a religious person and talks about the right of others but he actually exploits the rights of others in order to gain more benefit and for the accumulation of wealth. A political leader who always talk nicely about reformation of the state and the progress of the people but in fact he remains busy to enrich his politics.( A religious scholar who gets more knowledge about the religious events and the rules of religion only wants that people act according to his teachings.
A happy man who has been taught from his very birth not to be slave of another’s will. A happy man always speaks truth. He acts and thinks in a free man arid keeps himself away from worldly temptation. He is the master of his passion and desires. He is not afraid of death. He never thinks about his rise and falls in the society and does not believe in flattery. He is not interested in this world and hates private and public fame. He does not care of rumors and false praise. He knows the rules of a good life. He performs his duties in a proper way and feels happiness in praying God day and night. He spends his time in study or with a friend. He has neither hope of prosperity nor fear of poverty. He is the master of his soul and will, even though he has no wealth, land and property but he has spiritual and moral qualities that a man truly needs. An honest man is actually a happy man and his life is truly happy life. lie always leads a simple and honorable life, he is straight forward so that he has no need to defend himself with armour nor does he need to move to a secret cell for protection. He is not a very ambitious fellow, hut wants to pass his life in a peaceful manner.
My interesting dream is that I prepare myself to lead very simple life like a happy man. It does not mean that I do not make any decision about my duty, I wish that I will act according to the will of Allah, If he gives me a responsibility I will try to fulfill it with all my efforts honestly.

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