September 22, 2014

Importance of Female Education

Importance of Female Education

English Essay on "Importance of Female Education"

Islam gives great laws about social system, In Islamic rules, the rights of individuals are kept in first place. The Quran declares that the best act is good treatment to women. According to Quran and the sayings of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), the status and the rights of women are cleared.
  1. And the believers, men and women are protecting friends. (Surah Toba)
  2. The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) says "God commandeth you treat women well, for they are your mother, daughters, sisters and aunts."
  3. Allah says in the Holy Quran, ‘This is the duty of every Muslim man and woman to acquire knowledge and educate.”
Woman in Islam is highly respected as wife, mother, daughter and sister. Before Islam, birth of a female child was highly resented and repented. They were burned alive. In fact it is Islam that has presented the idea of women’s honour and rights. To secure strong economic position for them, Islam has given full property rights to women. Islam has given all the social rights to women like freedom, choice of partner, good education and inheritance.(
Education is equally important for both boys and girls. Basically education is a universal need, rather right of every citizen, Education is an equal right of women. Girls are said to be the light of home. If they are educated, they will carry the light wherever they go. If the women are educated, they can prove themselves as better mothers and wives. They can educate the children and have great influence on them. They can teach them the respect for the superiors, the teachers arid the taws of country. We should pray to God that a time will come when everyone without the difference of sexes learn the advantage of education.
In limitation of the west, our women too have demanded equal rights with men in every field of life and are even trying to adopt the fashions of men. They want equal seats in assemblies, equal number of posts in the government service, equal chance of freedom and movement and even equal rights in domestic life. Many of them shun the responsibilities of motherhood and prefer to remain unmarried. They are working in factories, offices and even in the army. Thus the whole Eastern concept of "Womanhood" being revolutionized and the new ideas are being represented to us is the name of and civilization, Islam recognizes the equality of the two sexes fully well hut equality should not be understood to mean the tasks of the two sexes are alike.
After the final examination, there are three responsibilities in case of girl students to study further, to stay at home or to launch out into a career. The girls who want to adopt a career, many avenues are open. Advertising Is a field that can appeal to girls with Imagination. There are unlimited opportunities for commercial girl artist in this field. For the girls with a passion for books, a library would be the Ideal place to work, Basic training I required but the pay is very handsome, of a girl has the ability to put down her thoughts in words, journalism can prove a rewarding career, For science students who want to make their use of their knowledge, research would be good Idea. Laboratories and research institutions welcome them.
There are many other professions open for girls. They can become hostesses in some airlines. They can work as Family Planning Officers. They can serve in the field of Insurance as Field Officers.

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