August 08, 2014

The Value of Games and Sports

The Value of Games and Sports

English Essay on "The Value of Games and Sports"

All the activities which are related for the amusement as well as for some mental exercise are known as games while all those activities involving in body exercises are called as Sports.
The importance of games and sports is cleared by their role in building up the character of a player. The importance of games and sports can be explained by following points.
  1. They produce discipline among the players.
  2. They give a chance to understand one another.
  3. Games and sport give lessons of human respect.
  4. They are responsible in producing decision power.
  5. They help in Peeping the body and mind healthy.
Games and sports in educational institutions are necessary in building up the character of the students Games and sports make the student confident in talking and in organizing a matter. They are a source establishing love and sympathy among the students. They produce a spirit for doing something among the students. They can make the students physically and mentally fit against the terrible moments in their lives. Games and sports make students the true followers of discipline and punctuality. All these qualities which are developed that ugh games and sports are the unique characteristic for the production of good members for a good society.

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