August 12, 2014

Smoking Dangerous For Health

Smoking Dangerous For Health

English Essay on "Smoking Dangerous For Health"

The habit of smoking is increasing day by day in the world. Young and old people are looking to smoke cigarettes at various places. Smoking is the most dangerous for health. Cigarette smoking has become a fashion in the societies of the world. The use of tobacco makes a person habitual and he feels restless when he does not smoke.
The students in colleges and universities are also looking to smoke even in their institution because they see their elders and teachers smoking, thus cigarette smoking is becoming a part of culture. A person when he is sitting with others take out a packet of cigarette from his pocket, enlightens the cigarette in a stylish way then smoke it without sharing the others. The smoke of cigarette is not only harmful for the person who is smoking but it is also harmful for the others.
Cigarette smoke contains tar which is a sticky substance which when enters inside the body sticks in the tube from where air passes during breathing Hence it can produce problems of breathing. The other substances and carbon monoxide in the smoke of cigarette produces many health problems.(
The great danger of cigarette smoking is lung cancer. Other problems of respiratory tract like bronchit’s and tuber culosis may also be appeared due to smoking. The habit of smoking also reduces the working capacity of a person. Nervous tension and restlessness arc also caused by smoking. ft reduces the power of perception and capability of mind. The trade of cigarette manufacturing is a flourishing trade in the world therefore the government only informs the public about the hazards of smoking but no government takes serious steps to stop the increasing sale of cigarettes. The cigarette companies make such attract full advertisements for their cigarettes that young generation is motivated to enjoy smoking in spite of knowing the dangerous effects of smoking.

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