August 12, 2014

Power Projects In Pakistan

Power Projects In Pakistan

English Essay on "Power Projects In Pakistan"

The dams are actually a kind of wall which are constructed to stop the flow of water from rivers. This process helps in storage of water, the water which is stored with the help of dams can be used for many purposes. Pakistan is a country where rainfall is uncertain therefore dams play very important role in storage of water.
After the creation of Pakistan, Canal water dispute was appeared between Pakistan and India and for the settlement of this dispute Indus Basin Treaty was signed. After this agreement Pakistan constructed many barrages, link canals and dams to make the continuous supply of water to meet country’s requirements. Pakistan is an agricultural country and its economy depends upon agriculture. A lot of water is required for growing the crops, hence dams are a big source of the supply of water for agriculture.
The darns are also a source of multiple-purpose projects because the water which is stored in dams has potential energy which can be converted into other kinds of energy which is used for different purposes. Hydro electricity which is produced by water is generated from the water which has been stored in dams.( Many hydel power projects in Pakistan are working at the places where dams have been constructed.
The drinking water is supplied to different areas of Karachi from Hab dam. Tarbela dam on river Indus and Mangla dam on river Jhelum are playing an important role in supplying water to agricultural fields. These dams are also helpful in producing electricity.
The construction of Kala-Bagh dam has been postponed by the political dispute among the provinces of Pakistan. It is the need of time that small darns should be constructed at various places in Pakistan, so that water could be stored at different places and this storage could be used for agriculture and for the production of power resources without any hindrance.

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