August 12, 2014

An Interesting Cricket Match

An Interesting Cricket Match

English Essay on "An Interesting Cricket Match"

Cricket is an interesting and exciting game. It gives pleasure to both players and viewers. Once I had a chance to sc an interesting and exciting cricket match. The match was played between Pakistan and West Indies at Karachi Stadium. The match was very exciting ad there was huge gathering at Karachi Stadium. The players of Pakistani cricket team and West Indian cricket team were in high spirit of nationalism and self power of playing. It was a fine day, the captains of both team tossed for batting first. Fortunately the Pakistani team won the toss and decided to bat first and the players of West Indian team took field.(
The two batsman who went in first from Pakistani team were quite good players. One was famous for his good hitting while the other was very careful. The bowling of West Indian team was very strong but Pakistani players played very well and they scored 250 runs with the loss of seven wickets.
The West Indian players started batting after Lunch. The famous West Indian player played very fast but soon he was out. The audience was cheering and clapping at the bowling performance of Pakistani player. Another famous player of West Indies played strongly and he made a score over a century but he was caught out smartly at mid off. The last fifteen minutes of the match were very exciting. The players of West Indies tried to make a great score but unfortunately the whole team was out at the score of 240 runs and Pakistan had won that exciting and interesting match.

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