July 13, 2014



English Essay on "Pollution"

In the last two or three centuries, science has made great progress. We are living in the age of continuous industrial revolution. We have built vast industries that are providing large quantities of goods and machines.
Millions of factories in all parts of the world are sending huge quantities of carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases in the atmosphere. This is not the whole story. They are pouring continuous streams of harmful chemicals into the rivers of the world. Every hour our cars, buses and aeoplanes are discharging deadly poisons into our atmosphere. There are three kinds of pollutions which we are facing.(4essay.blogspot.com)
  1. Atmospheric Pollution
  2. Water Pollution
  3. Noise Pollution
Efforts are being done to control the pollution throughout the world. The hole of ozone layers is being tried to repair. Many special organization has been made to control the pollution. The electronic and print media is trying to produce complete awareness about the pollution and its causes and about its results in future. I think following attempts can be made to control the pollution.
  1. Complete awareness should be provided to people by using electronic and print media.
  2. It should be ordered to all factory and mills owners that they must destroy their wastes in the most careful way.
  3. Recycling of the wastes should be introduced in factories.
  4. The smoke of the transporting vehicles should be controlled by using special devices.
  5. The rattling of machines and the pressure horns should be avoided and the noisy process should be controlled.
  6. The discharge of the wastes into the rivers should be stopped.

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