July 13, 2014

Brain Drain From Pakistan

Brain Drain From Pakistan

English Essay on "Brain Drain From Pakistan"

The continuing loss of citizens of high intelligence and creativity through immigration is called "Brain Drain". Pakistan is an under developing country and there is no shortage of creative brains but unfortunately the super created minds in Pakistan always decide to leave their own state and they go abroad to serve other countries. This process is giving great loss to Pakistan.
There are many causes for brain drain in Pakistan. Some of the most common reasons are following.
  1. There are many few chances to show the creativity in Pakistan.
  2. The chance for industrial and scientific research is not available.
  3. The establishment of own business with creative and competitive approach is very difficult.
  4. The process of gains the loans from banks is very difficult.
  5. There are very less jobs in creative fields both in the public and in the private sector of Pakistan.
On considering the above reasons, the highly educated and intellectuals decide to settle in a foreign country where they can get benefits from their abilities as well as high income and other facilities. Many Pakistani superb engineers, doctors, philosophers, journalist, news reader, reporters and many others are working in different countries. Dr. Abdus Salam who is the only Noble Prize winner Pakistani scientist worked in Italy. In Pakistan, the atmosphere of our social and political system also creates many serious problems against the talented persons so they become dishearten and decide to leave the country.

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