June 13, 2014

Social Service and Student

Social Service and Student

English Essay on "Social Service and Student"

Social service is the service rendered to help the mass in general and the needy persons in particular. The service aims at alleviating social problems, redressing calamity stricken people and alleviating the sufferings of those persons who are enduring the wrath of Injustice or wrongful vengeance. Social service is rendered by individuals or societies specially formed for this purpose.
In advanced countries various societies are formed for various service. In china students are also sent to villages and other places during their holidays and vacations to render social service. In Pakistan, too, there are a few societies founded by sonic benevolent persons like Abdul Sattar Edhi, Shahan-Shah Husain, Ansar Burni etc which render social service. But these societies are only a few in number and the social and other problems are iii abundance.4essay.blogspot.com Wealthy persons in our country are only interested in becoming richer and those persons who are interested in the work are handicapped by shortage of time and funds.
Students in our country can be utilized by the education department to render social service. They have ample time at their disposal. They can be sent to villages during their holidays and vacations and can be used during natural calamities.
The students on the whole make a great force. They may be instigated to drive illiteracy out of our country. if every student undertakes to teach an illiterate person how to read and write and if it is done in earnest, such a move shall bear fruit in a short time and the percentage of literate persons in our country will go up.
One of the most important problems, our country is faced with, is low agricultural yield. Our farmers are still following the old and outdated methods of cultivation. Students may be trained how to use new methods of cultivation and be sent during their holidays and vacation to villages to teach the farmers the scientific ways of cultivation and offer them practical help in the fields. They may teach the farmers when and how to use fertilizers and how to prepare manure from the dung and garbage.
Those students should also teach the villagers the advantages of keeping the village lanes clean, the precautions to be taken to prevent infectious diseases and the scientific and hygienic ways of living.
During floods and other natural calamities students may take upon themselves the duty of helping the victims by transporting them and their belongings to safer places and assisting in repairing walls along the bank of rivers to prevent further damages.

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