June 11, 2014

Prize Distribution function of My School

Prize Distribution function of My School

English Essay on "Prize Distribution function of My School"

Our school holds its annual function in the last week of January each year. This year it was held on 31st of January. Arrangements for holding the function had started a fortnight before. The school building was colour washed and the furniture were polished. Invitations to respectable persons and the guardians of students were issued. Different work was allotted to different teachers. Boys were selected to take part in items like one-act-play, music, fancy dress and comic parts. They met after the school daily for practice under the supervision of the teacher-in-charge. A shamiana was erected in the school playground and a stage was prepared for the actors. On the appointed day chairs were hired and arranged in rows under the canopy for the guests and students to sit in. Sofas were procured for the chief guest and some others. The students were asked to decorate the shamiana with flowers, leaves flags and buntings.4essay.blogspot.com
The guest began to arrive before it was four in the evening. Students bad already taken their seats. At little before 4 o’clock the chief guest arrived. A troop of boy scouts presented him guard of honor. He was taken to his seat by the Head Master.
Just as it struck four, the function began. The curtain of the stage was rolled up and a student recited verses from the Holy Quran. It was followed by Naat sung by a group of four sweet voiced boys. After the Naat other items began. A panel of judges was appointed to adjudge the best two performers in each item.
Two one-act-plays were staged by the boys. Their performance was wonderful and the guests expressed their appreciation by clapping. Then music and songs were presented and appreciated. In fancy dress a small boy of the lower class irnpersonate6a lunatic so perfectly that the compare got afraid when the lunatic reached him and tried to snatch the mike from him. The comic parts were played by two very fat boys who made the on-lookers laugh.
After the items ended, the Head Master rose upto tell the audience about the steps that were being taken to make the school ideal. Then he requested the chief guest to distribute prizes, certificates, books and other things among the boys who had secured positions in their class in the last annual examination the boys who had secured position in various sports and the boys who were adjudged best in the stage performance. The chief guest gave a hundred rupee note to the boy who had impersonated a lunatic.
After prize distribution the guests and the students were given refreshment and the function came to an end.

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