May 01, 2014

Use and Abuse of the Television

Use and Abuse of the Television

English Essay on "Use and Abuse of the Television"

The television has become very popular now-a-days due to its three characteristics. Firstly it presents the motion pictures of the persons televised as well as their utterances. Secondly the viewer feels to be a part of the programmed himself. Thirdly the programmers may influence the viewers. In every country, therefore people prefer, to watch the television, to over other pastimes.
Due to this popularity of the television those who are at the helm of affairs to run television programmers try to present very interesting and most entertaining programmers. Workers who return home after day’s work, people who lave leisure time to pass, students, teachers, and others who are tired of their mental or physical labour, need relaxation, rest and entertainment. The television presents to them music, dances, dramas, games, sports and other items of Interest and they enjoy and relax.
Another use of the television is to educate people. In most advanced countries they use it to educate, to teach, to instruct and to impart scientific, technical or other knowledge. They know the educative value of audio-visual aids for students of every age group. It helps students to understand things vividly and to store them in their minds. Children of nursery classes learn while they enjoy the programmers. Science students learn better because they see experiments done
Another use of the television is to convey information to the public. News service show then what is happening at other places. Proceedings of conference and meetings are also presented by the television. Weather forecasts, warnings of approaching storm and comments on international problems are presented by it. This informative aspect of the television goes far to make public aware of national and international problems.
Formation of public opinion on important issues. is also a function of the television. It helps people to hear the conflicting opinions on the subject to consider, the good and bad points and to form their own opinion on the subject. The television medium is more effective than other communicative media like newspapers. Newspapers are generally run by political parties and each newspapers advocates the views of its own party. But the television presents to us all shades of opinion to enable us to consider over them and choose.
Unfortunately the television is prone to be abused also. The first and most important abuse of the television is that most of the television dramas and pictures show scenes of violence, shootings and killings. This affects the immature minds and juvenile delinquency is on the increase. The society, due to such programmers, becomes violence loving. New methods to kill, to cheat and to blow up are taught by these dramas and pictures which the innocent boys learn to practice. Such programmers damage the sense of sanctity of human life and encourage to bury the teachings of religions to respect body, life and properties of a man.
Some television programmers show western culture comprising of almost naked girls and boys indulging in dirty actions. Indulgence in free sex, and immoral actions in public-is not something bad in western societies. Such actions are part of their culture. Islam discards such activities and prohibits immoral and dirty acts in order to save us from social problems and diseases like AIDS. But such programmers appeal to the carnal instincts of young men and spread immorality, impiety and satanic propensity in our societies. Such programmers should almost be banned and use of dish antenna should also be penalized.
Another important thing that foreign programmes are doing is that they are leading our young generation astray. They are damaging our national culture, national traditions and religious outlook. I was surprised to hear in a marriage ceremony the remarks of a very small girl who asked her mother how they had completed the marriage without the bride and the bridegroom going round the fire. Perhaps her parents only watched Indian films and Zee T.V. Is not this a pity?

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