May 12, 2014

The Role of Political Parties in Pakistan

The Role of Political Parties in Pakistan

English Essay on "The Role of Political Parties in Pakistan"

All the defects of political party system have been playing their parts. in Pakistan since its creation and the role of all the political parties have been negative since. Instead of trying to strengthen Pakistan they have been busy in keeping her weak, dependent and under-developed, by misconceived policies that serve their ends.
From the inception of independence, the party that created Pakistan lost its popularity due to the selfish motives of those who were in government. They quarreled on provincial issues and did not hesitate to spread dissatisfaction, hatred and provincialism or sectarianism among the people of different regions and sects.
For many years after independence, the ruling party was the Muslim League. The ruling junta did not agree on a constitution for nine years and that which came in 1956 was nullified by the governor general. The members in the assembly changed sides too frequently for personal ends thus bringing the downfall of the government. It was pity that the Muslim League split into many rival groups. Then other parties grew up like mushroom, some of them comprising of only two to three members. Now-a-days the number of existing political parties far exceeds one
Since independence instead of ding some constructive work, the ruling juntas and the parties in opposition, have been wasting their energies in silly things like quarrelling, accusing or hurling chairs at each other and trying to win over independent members of the assembly or members of parties in opposition with the result that corruption and horse-trading flourished and has become a permanent feature of Pakistani politics. The ruling juntas, too, have since been busy in crushing the opposition by instituting false suits against them, getting them condemned to jail, trying to ruin their business or declaring them traitors. The opposition parties have also been doing dirty things and once even killed the speaker.
The cessation of East Pakistan is one of the great achievements of the political parties. They created hatred between the people of the two wings and after the general election conducted by Yahya Khan, the party in minority refused the right of the majority to form government, that resulted in cessation of East Pakistan after the war of (1971).
A few of the political parties, organized on sectarian basis, fanned sectarian hatred resulting in assassination, arsons and firing at mosques and Imam bargahs. Sectarian leaders fanned the hatred by calling each other infidel.
In democracy, criticism of the governing junta by the opposition and vice versa is essential but our leaders have since been allergic to criticism and have tried to punish the critics.
The role of political parties in Pakistan has not been very positive. Though in other democratic countries, political parties act in the same manners as those in Pakistan but in countries like America and Britain they behave somewhat different. To Pakistan political panics have been nuisance and have disappointed the public. After election some of the winning parties forget their promises to the people.

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