May 12, 2014

Roles of Political Parties

Roles of Political Parties

English Essay on "Roles of Political Parties"

Soltaus defines a political party as “a group of citizens more or less organized who act as a political unit and who by the se of their voting power aim to control the government and carry out their general policies.” The role of political parties in the politics of a country is important. They aim at forming public opinion on national or international issues. They do this by giving statements to press, by organizing public meetings and by expressing their views through other electronic media like the radio and televisions. They present their views on an issue to the public and according to Bryce “they organize the disorganized conflicting ideas to harmonies them”
Another role of the political parties is that they take part in elections on the basis of their policies on different issues. They take part in election by nominating their representatives and campaigning in favor of their policies and candidates. Political parties attempt to catch the government through constitutional methods.
The political parties that are in opposition due to not having majority in the Assembly critise the government policies and action. This is good in the sense that the weakness and defects of the policy become known to the government and the public and measures to correct them are taken. But in Pakistan this is not true as the criticisms are not always factual and where they are, the ruling party considers the criticism as an act of Tense against it. Part)’ system has its advantages. It is thought that party system is a necessity for democracy. Political parties try to win over the common people on different issues. They create political awareness in the people, train them politically, and organize them. They present to the people solutions of different national issues with which the nation is confronted with. They make the representative government stable and responsible. They provide with alternate leadership and without them, constitutionally, changing a government, is impossible.
The role of political parties is not always positive. According to Lord Halifax “they are conspiration against the solidity of a nation. For their ends they divide the nation into conflicting groups and this helps to fan intrigues, sectarianism, regional feelings and linguistic conflicts”. They discuss personal matters and wash dirty linen in public and adopt all foul means to defame each other. Some times they entangle the nation in wrong issues and help break out political commotion, rowdism, disturbances, fights and even civil war.

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