September 30, 2013

Role of Youth in the Development of Pakistan

Essay : [Role of Youth in the Development of Pakistan]

English Essay on "Role of Youth in the Development of Pakistan"

Role of Youth in the Development of Pakistan

The term ‘Civilized” refers to the persons who are “Well-organized socially with a very developed culture and way of life”. A civilized society is made up of individuals who feel their responsibility to live and contribute to their society by abiding the lawful social values and ‘social activities, It is necessary to educate people from childhood, particularly in the youth so that they develop their sense of social contribution.

As a fact, we can observe that the socially developed citizens have been helping their societies in many ways However, the first and foremost aspects of social contribution is “Self-discipline” If individual personality in a social is not built on the values of abiding law and order, then the crime rate among that society is bound to be very high.

Secondly, the sense of self-discipline and social contribution is demonstrated by the level of cleanliness in the society. Maintaining cleanliness by personal hygiene and in the home, we prove of our civilized personalities, but it is the responsibility of both the state and its subjects to maintain the similar level of cleanliness everywhere. The youth educated and trained during-studies will never be shy to participate in any social move later in their lives.

Pakistan Government has made regulations for reducing all types of pollution Students and common people are encouraged to participate in campaigns for plantation of different types of plants throughout the country, twice a year. The youth can personally care for these plants and trees to control the carbon content in the

Similarly the sense of helping the poor, destitute and under-privileged members of our society is also the social responsibility of well-off members of our society. People, particularly the’ youth ‘should participate willingly and compassionately in social welfare campaigns for feeding the hungry educating the under-privileged children handing cut medicines and even providing drinking water. All religions including Islam applaud the sense of charity among individuals and societies.

Besides the state, individuals have made and should make more social institutions where the unemployed and skilled people can obtain skills for livelihood. One can feed the individual or his family once or for a limited period, but if that individual is made “Skilful’ then one will respectfully feed oneself and the family for indefinite period increasing the number of skilled and educated people helps in increasing economic independence. The creation of means of employment reduces poverty, crime and dependence upon others.

Finally, it is only with such high degree of social responsibility, contribution and self-discipline, by which a peaceful society is established. Our youth and common people should develop the sense of harmony mutual respect and cooperation which in turn will make Pakistan a true welfare Islamic state in the world.

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