September 30, 2013

Role of Wealth in Human Life

Essay : [Role of Wealth in Human Life]

English Essay on "Role of Wealth in Human Life"

Role of Wealth in Human Life

There is no doubt that wealth is the fundamental necessity of our lives. Wealth or money holds an important position for getting the material and physical objectives of human life. But making the accumulation of money ones aim of life is utter foolishness.

Earning great wealth has become the only purpose of life for the majority of humans. In fact, God created the world with plenty of resources for the humans, so that they could recognize and praise their Beneficent and Merciful Creator. Man, on the other hand, has been attracted towards the vicious trap of desires laid by Satan.

Only a man with sense and character can realize that the true spirit of humanity and peace lies in the mutual respect of each other unfortunately, in today’s world, not only individuals but the nations also are indulged in the blind pursuit of their economical interest The powerful nations have been depriving the weaker ones of their sovereignty and even the right of the existence, just for their own material superiority over other nations.

The people with character realize the importance of building sense of respect, harmony, sincerity and devotion to their loved ones particularly and to the humanity in The true humane qualities give satisfaction, pleasure and joy, as the person possessing such qualities is dear to everybody around him or her. People recognize the character and trust more on such person as compare to any selfish wealthy person around them. The man of character is not necessarily a poor one such sensible, honest and caring humans with wealth have set many examples of welfare of humanity for a long time. They will always be remembered for their social contributions, rather than the cruel, tyrant wealthy rulers and other people who used to feel proud and to make others feel lower than them,

I do need money, but money, cannot become the object of my reverence and absolute consideration. Myself-satisfaction hinges on the happiness and comfort, which I share with my family friends, relatives and other people in the society. What good is the money that deprives us of the human virtues, sincerity and love among us I cannot cherish the luxuries bought by ‘money, if my wealth and affluence is just confined to my personal wants while my loved ones live their lives with resentment and disconnect.

I think obtaining knowledge and humane values is the resource of satisfaction, which one can only get by carrying through all duties towards God, family, and nation successfully. The sharing of comforts and human virtues makes us superior than the animals; otherwise men with selfish motives in life are good than savage beasts.

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