September 30, 2013

Terrorism War against Terror

Essay : [Terrorism War against Terror]

English Essay on "Terrorism War against Terror"

Terrorism War against Terror

Destruction and death have always been a part of human history. Sometimes the historians have recorded these brutalities in words like “Catastrophe. Genocide, and holocaust”. Similar the people of today’s most civilized and developed modern world are not very different from the historians of past, as if some nations call ‘heir human destruction as part of “War against terrorism”, me same nations on the other hand consider the armed freedom struggles as by other human beings to get freedom from the oppressors as “Terrorism”.

However, all types of victimization should be denounced. It is easy to differentiate between the terrorism and freedom activity is not for a national cause, and it is aimed at sabotage and destruction of society for personal motives On the other hand, the freedom struggle is carried out for a national cause, which is aimed at resisting the forces of Occupation and oppression.

Nowadays we find many incidents of suicide bombings; when a Philistine man or woman blows up oneself along with many Israeli civilians, or the September 11 attack on American soil, in which thousands of civilians were killed. Some of these attacks ore committed by nations and groups with violent interests, in order to get the obvious one trapped in the conspiracy and to obtain political and other benefits from the hostility between the This ask for the need of dialogue and removing misunderstanding among the alleged and the affected, after which such criminal s could not affect the peace and relations among rivals.

Although terrorism cannot be encouraged in any of its ways, but one must realize the extreme hopelessness of the oppressed people which force them to react in such horrible manner. These incidents of destruction and bloodshed are carried out to make the people feel the pain of losing a human life, as they feel in their occupied territories like Iraq, Afghanistan, Philistine and Kashmir every day.

Similarly state terrorism and human destruction was witnessed and denounced by the international community, when today’s sale super power the United States of America invaded and occupied Iraq. The morally upright people condemned these so called operations Freedom Iraq as a war for oil and state terrorism.

The Americans and allied forces pounded thousand of missiles and bombs killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and soldiers defending their nation against aggression. In the Aftermath of ‘he illogical war, thousands of American soldiers with no personal bias against Iraqis, have been killed in the war of their leader.

If the powerful notions, which are armed with nuclear weapons of mass destruction like Israel, India, Russia and the United States of America, are allowed to carry out their state terrorism, then the oppressed nations, mainly Muslims will keep up their Freedom Struggle or Jihad for the restoration of their independence.

It is concluded that the elimination of this armed resistance, struggle for freedom or terrorism will only be possible if the oppression and state terrorism against the weaker nations is eliminated.

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