September 06, 2013

The World Of 2000

Essay : [The World Of 2000]

English Essay on "The World Of 2000"

The World Of 2000

Points The end of the twentieth century – Difficult to visualize the 2000 A.D – Revolutionary changes – Evil designs of the U.S.A – Conclusion

The twentieth century is coming to an end. This century has made a wonderful advance in science. The goddess of science has blessed us with one hand but its demerits are no less significant. This century has seen two devastating wars World War I and II, in which both the victors and vanquished were reduced to misery. Millions of men, women and children had been killed and wounded. Millions of people had been made homeless and suffered from poverty, hunger and disease. Science has no doubt, provided us with an enormous stock of knowledge but it has failed to guide us as how to put it to the best use. The moral development of man has been totally neglected.
The world is making such a fast progress that it will not be hard for us to visualize about the world of 2000 A.D. New scientific technologies would become common. There will be new increase in new researches, inventions and discoveries. Man will no longer toil and moil with his hands and legs. The machines will do most of his work for him. The dreams of push bottom existence will come true for him.
There will be revolutionary changes with the scientific researches and inventions in the field of agriculture, industry, medicine, communications and various other fields. Man will be travelling by rockets and spacecrafts to moon, mercury and other planets and stars. Computers and robots will be in use in all the fields everywhere. Even most difficult work will be done in a spur of moment with the aid of the latest, highly developed and reliable electronic appliances. Atomic reactors will help us in producing electricity at very cheap rates. Fields of knowledge, experience and recreation open in the past only to a few will be thrown open to millions.
It is not too early to have an opinion as to what is likely to happen in the world of 2000 A.D. After the end of Second World War in 1945, the world was split up into two hostile camps. The western block under the leadership of the USA and the former under the Soviet Union. Both the blocs started establishing their supremacy in world affairs.( After the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, American influence became dominant throughout the world. It should be noted here that in the break-up of the Soviet Union the Afghan Mujahedeen played a vital role.
Being embolden by the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States in keen to dominate the world affairs in the world of 2000 AD. She will desire the smaller nations to have their political and economic affairs adjusted according to her designs. To achieve this end, the United States has prepared a document known as the “New World Order” to be adopted in the new century. She will not hesitate to trample down the liberty of smaller nations. The most sinister application of her evil designs will be against the Muslim countries. Her hostile attitude towards Islam now is clear indication of the future plan.
Sincere and honest effort should be made by the big provers to make the world in 2000 AD a safe abode for the human beings.

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