September 06, 2013

The Computer

Essay : [The Computer]

English Essay on "The Computer"

The Computer

Points: Introduction Wonderful modern invention – Use of computer has become common – Kinds of computer – Electronic brain.

We are living in an age of science and technology. We see many wonderful inventions. Their number is increasing day by day. These inventions have made our life easy, comfortable and interesting.
The computer is one of the most wonderful modern inventions. It is an automatic electronic machine. It is very useful for calculations. It solves mathematical problems.
Today, the use of computers is common. They are used in bank, industries, and hospitals and examining boards, they have become a part of modern life. They work without rest. They do not make mistake. The aim of these machines is to save time and labor of a man.
A university professor wanted to know the period of construction of a very old building. The computers are all the details in one minute. In an ordinary way it would have taken many months to know these details.
There are two kinds of computers: analog and digit Analog computers operate with data: and digital, with numbers. A large computer can do about 250,000 additions or subtractions in one second.( It can solve about 100,000 multiplication problems or more than 60,000 division problems in one second.
One computer can translate four languages. Sometimes computers are called electronic brains”, but they are only tools that work according to some fixed principles.

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