March 21, 2013



Points: Introduction – It has been in vogue since the days of Adam – A necessity – Cultivation and planning – A hobby of many – Conclusion.

By a garden is meant a piece of land for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers. Fruits satisfy our physical needs, but flowers give us aesthetic pleasure.

Gardening has been in vogue since the days of Adam. When, for disobedience, he was driven out of heaven, God said that he would have to labour hard to earn his livelihood. So when Eve span at home, Adam delved or dug in the field. This shows that digging of the earth has been in vogue since the beginning of the earthly life for growing fruits and vegetables. The culture of flowers was taken up at a later period when man had advanced in

The growing of fruits and vegetables was a necessity. In the beginning these supplied man’s food. That is, man lived on these. A garden of fruit trees or plants is commonly called an orchard. But one of vegetables or small plants is called a garden, as a vegetable garden, a tea garden etc. An enclosed place where flowers or other beautiful small plants are grown is always called a garden, as the Shalimar Garden. By a garden now-a-days we generally mean a plot of land where flowers and beautiful plants are grown.

From the time immemorial man has been paying special attention to the cultivation and planning of gardens. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Kew Gardens of England are instances on this point. The botanical gardens everywhere prove man’s love of flowers and beautiful plants.

The Mughals were noted for their planning of gardens. During their reign there was no important place without its garden or gardens. It is said that Feroz Shah Tughlaq alone got twelve hundred gardens prepared in the neighborhood of

Gardening is a hobby with many. They find pleasure in undertaking labour for the plants which they treat as their near and dears ones. The story of Shakuntala’s love for her plants may be cited here. To her the flower plants she nourished were as dear as her own-begotten children. When she was leaving for her husband’s place, she was feeling very keenly for her plants. She requested her friends to show motherly care and affection for them in her absence.

A garden is the roost beautiful place on this earth, and a man who lives in a garden lives in paradise, for he lives surrounded with beautiful things.

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