February 12, 2013



Points: A familiar person in every village and town – His leather bag – A welcome figure everywhere – An honest person – A very useful member of society.

Who does not know the postman? He is a familiar person in every village and town of Pakistan. He is dressed in ‘khaki’ and carries a big leather bag over his left shoulder. He always carries a pen with him.

What does his leather bag contain? It has letters, ordinary as well as registered, money orders, insured letters, and small parcels. It contains all his money as well as postcards and envelopes that he sometimes sells.

The postman is a very active and energetic person. He is a model of punctuality and regularity. Whether it be rain or sun, summer or winter, he goes about delivering letters and paying money orders to the addressees. To him the rich and the poor are alike. He is as much the servant of the poor as of the rich.

The postman is known to everybody and they all like him. He knows the merchant who is waiting for a letter from a big market town. He is familiar with the schoolmaster who is expecting a favorable report on his work from the Inspector of Schools. A widow waits for him anxiously because she expects some money from her son, working in a town factory, and the old wife is very anxious to see him because she expects a letter from her ailing son-in-law.

The postman is a very honest person. His pay is very small but he handles a lot of money everyday. He, however, never tries to cheat others. Whatever the amount one has to receive from him, he pays him to a pie. Sometimes some people give him a little tip and he accepts the same very gratefully. He, however, never asks for it himself and never grumbles if he is not given any.4essay.blogspot.com

The postman is a very useful person, but his work is not very easy. He has to walk long distances to do his duty. At the same time, he enjoys no holiday. Everybody takes rest on Sunday, but the postman has to do his duty even on that day. Sometimes it rains so heavily that people do not want to stir from their houses, but even at such a time the postman goes about doing his duty delivering the letters. Perhaps no other man is more welcome to people than the postman.

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