February 12, 2013



Points: Introduction – His uniform – His duties. The policeman stands for the law – A Pakistani policeman – Conclusion.

A policeman is a useful public servant. He is paid from the government treasury. He is smart and active. He serves the public. Without him no government can run.4essay.blogspot.com

Like the postman he has a uniform. It consists of khaki pant, black colored shirt, and a cap. Round his waist there is a leather belt. He wears well polished boots. A traffic police uses white uniform.

The duty of the police is to keep order and see that the law is obeyed, to bring the offenders to book, to prevent crimes and arrest criminals and to protect life and property. This he does sometimes at the risk of his own life. At dead of night, when everybody is fast asleep, you can hear his whistle or the sound of his footsteps. He puts check on unpleasant accidents. Thieves and evil-doers are afraid of his name. He has also other duties to perform, such as controlling the traffic in city streets. He is also a spy.4essay.blogspot.com

To most of us it may seem strange that people obey so tamely a single policeman who does not in any way differ from them in physique and appearance. When at crossroads he puts up his hand on the road, carriages and motorcars must stop. When he arrests a man, the man generally obeys although he knows that the policeman is unarmed and is not in any way stronger than he. The reason for this is that the single policeman stands for the government and has all the force of law behind him. People are not afraid of the strength and physical power of the policeman they are afraid of the great power of the law that he stands for.

So it is that a handful of policemen are able to control large crowds consisting of millions of people, to keep order and peace in the cities, and protect our life an a property from the hands of criminals.

A Policeman in Pakistanis the last educated person. He knows no courtesy, no politeness, no sympathy with people in distress, no kindness, no good humor. He is very cruel in his attitude towards the ignorant villagers. He is very corrupt. It tortures the innocent and let’s go the guilty. People have lost all faith in the police.

The policeman is an extremely important part of the Government machinery. He should be recruited from among the educated class and his pay should be increased.