January 30, 2013

Role - Status of Women in Society

Role / Status of Women in Society

Women now a day plays a significant role in the society and proves herself on indispensable fellow in the world. In the beginning, she was given the right of citizenship; however, the advent of Islam gave her new place in the society and restored her dignity and grace. Women now plays many roles; her roles as a mother, as a wife, and as a leader are the few which need to be focused. As a mother she is regarded as 2nd to God in creation. She not only bears the child but also devotes her each and every minute for the welfare of her child. One can easily notice that a mother Is a vital sign in any civilized society. In addition, in the up bringing of her child she keeps a vigilant eye on the moral and social development of her child. That is Islam has placed heaven under the feet of mother. She is also a companion of men. She holds one end of the social life, for example, she keeps the home and sets man free to earn bread and butter with the ease of mind. Man faces several ups and downs during his stress at times when the whole world seems dark and gloomy to the man. This is such powerful role that man cannot live a normal life without her companionship.4essay.blogspot.com

Finally, she not only gives birth to leaders but also comes up with her own talent and skills to lead her family, community or a society. There are several examples of women in the history who contribute a great deal of concern for the general good. At present, for example, Bilqees Edhi is running several schools and welfare camps for the poor and miserable class. Similarly, several lawyers are engaged in fighting against the ill done to women in a society. One can easily notice that man and woman both are the integral part of society. None of them is superior or imperial, but both are offering their shares to run the society. In this connection, the role of woman appears to be more significant because she is serving on multiple domains and therefore she deserves appreciation form all the men whom she has created as well.

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