October 10, 2012



Points: Introduction – Peaceful uses of atomic energy – Conclusion.

The present age is the atomic age. Atomic energy is playing a very important part in the scientific progress. Nearly all the countries, developed or under-developed, are doing their best to make use of atomic power.

Man is making strides to make human life more comfortable and easy by making peaceful uses of atomic energy. He has seen the destruction caused to Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the uses of atomic weapons in the Second World War.4essay.blogspot.com

After the Second World War, man is eagerly searching ways to set up peaceful environs around him. He wants to expand his industries and agriculture with latest machine and methods. This energy is an inexhaustible source of power and is bound to effect our lives in more than one way in the near future. It can generate power, which can be used in agriculture, industries and in electrifying the distant and remote areas. Atomic reactors are being installed in all the progressive advanced countries and producing cheaper and larger sources of energy. In France, for example, 50 percent of its electricity demand is met by nuclear energy.

I feel that the atomic energy is a boon for mankind. With this development we can direct all our energies towards peaceful enterprises. Very large vessels can sail on the oceans with atomic energy produced by a cupful of water. The problem of drinking water is being solved by distilling the sea-water by atomic energy. With the help of atomic energy, we can improve our production of goods in factories. Many new projects can also be taken up. We can improve irrigation of our fields and farms manifold. So there are numerous ways and methods for improving our existing conditions. Extensive drives can also be taken up in urban and rural areas for the promotion and uplift of the people. There can be brought about a revolution in the world of agriculture, irrigation, transport, communication, medical science and industry if we learn to use this wonder of science for peaceful purposes with wisdom.4essay.blogspot.com

Today we are marching on the razor's edge which is very sharp. Atomic energy should be used for useful purposes. If used otherwise, then peace will evade us and our survival will be in danger.

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