October 10, 2012



Points: Introduction – Birth of a new civilization – Science is a mixed blessing – Its dark side – Conclusion.

Science has made tremendous advancement in different sphere of life. It has completely changed the face of the earth. If the dead souls could rise from their graves and the see the marvels of our time they would be simply bewildered and amazed. The goddess of science has blessed us with one hand but its demerits are no less significant.4essay.blogspot.com

New scientific inventions have revolutionized human life. The whole society has undergone manifold changes. Time and space have been conquered and long distances have been narrowed down. Explorations in space have opened new vistas for the study of man. Many new medicines have come to our rescue. It is now possible to prevent many infectious diseases. The longivity of life has increased. Science also provides entertainment to millions of people. In agriculture, the use of fertilizer, manure and latest methods of farming are sure to increase our foodstuff, ten times more. So also industry has also made gigantic strides with the help of latest machines, now in operation everywhere. The forces of nature have become our slaves. The discovery of steam-power and electricity has worked wonders in all walks of life. The world is marching towards happiness and comforts. With the help of science, a new civilization has emerged. In our houses, offices and market places, we see the wonders of science.

But there is nothing like unmixed good in the world. Human life itself, as Shakespeare says, is but "a mingled yarn good and ill together". The ugly yarn which science has woven in the garments of human personality are not negligible Machines have snatched away from us the calm of mind and peacefulness of our environment. We are surrounded by a perpetual din and dazzle, noise and unrest. We are badly caught in the entangling apparatus of money and machinery.4essay.blogspot.com

Science has, no doubt, provided us with an enermous stock of knowledge but it has failed to guide us as how to put it to the best use. The moral development of man has been totally neglected. As a result of this, we have more knowledge and skill but less character and self-control. If the people are balanced and self-controlled, then the use of scientific knowledge will certainly produce good result. But a wrong use will certainly make our lives very miserable.

In the use of scientific knowledge a balance should be maintained. The side of character and self-control should never be neglected otherwise the whole civilization will be destroyed.

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