August 03, 2012



Points: Introduction – Role or the students in social services – Conclusion.

Social services means selfless service to humanity at large. Social service is based on love of humanity. Social service develops a spirit of brotherhood between man and man. It makes human beings more humane.

In the field of social service, the students can do a wonderful job. Our people have great regard for students. Everyone trusts them. If students once out for social service, all the people will co-operate with them and follow their examples. Fortunately, the students have ample time for social service. There are the summer vacation, the winter holidays, and spring recess in which the students almost remain idle.

The students should offer their services for driving away illiteracy from the country. They should make them selves available to the illiterate people of their locality and inspire them to read and learn. They should open their eyes to what is good and what is bad. As they are educated, their advice will be treated as very valuable by the ignorant people. []

Pakistan is an agricultural country. The peasants of Pakistan are still stereotyped in their cultivation. But there is want on all sides. The students can improve their lot greatly. They can advise them about the scientific ways of cultivation. In so doing they may be immensely helpful to them as well as to their own country. They should visit their fields now and then. This will not only inspire them to work harder but will also fill then hearts of a better life.

Pakistan falls a victim to floods and other natural calamities frequently. The students are always aware how the people suffer for the devastations of these catastrophies. They should take it upon themselves as a sacred duty to help the effected people in as many ways as they can.

The Education Department should plan progrmnmes and projects of social service. The students should be enlisted in the social service corps.

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