August 03, 2012



Points: Introduction – Arguments for and against women's university in Pakistan – Conclusion.

In Pakistan, now-a-days, we are giving greater emphasis on education and specially the higher education. In some quarters it has been proposed that there should be separate universities for women in the country. One thing has been proved by this proposition that women are important and they have an equal right to gain higher education.

If education is necessary for men, it is equally necessary for women. If this is granted the next question is whether there should be a different system of education for women.

If there is to be a different course of study for women, then naturally there will be no problem of co-education because women will be taught in separate institutions. But the real problem of co-education arises when it is granted that both men and women are to be taught the same subjects of study. It is then that boys and girls will have to be taught in the same institutions. In fact, this is co-education in the real sense of the word.

Opinions sharply differ on the introduction of co-education in the universities of our country. It is stated by those who are opposed to the proposal of separate women universities that the world is developing with a fast speed. In the struggle of life both men and women have to share the burden together. It would be better if we endeavour to march ahead hand in hand with women. This is the age of joint enterprises. To call for separation of men and women is to put the clock back. It is also stated that the percentage of our womenfolk is not so high that they may need a separate university and other professional institutions. It is also argued that opening of separate women's universities will be a financial burden for the government.

The arguments of the supporters of co-education appear quite convincing at the first glance. But when we take into consideration the arguments that are put forward by those who oppose this system, we find that the demerits of co-education are more serious than its merits, and consequently, it is doubtful whether this system suits our society as fairly as it does in the West.

Co-education is not practicable in our country. The greatest difficulty is the risk of indiscipline. When young, generous and inexperienced people of both sexes are brought in close contact with each other, there are bound to arise several undesirable consequences. Everyone knows that the aims of education for the two sexes in our country are quite different from those in the West. We believe in the segregation of sexes in every field of life. As the boys and girls of our society donot adopt similar careers in life, it is foolish to give them similar education and as their needs are different from one another.

Considering these points, it may be said that the benefits of co-education far, outweigh the advantages thereof Parents will certainly welcome the opening of few separate universities in the country and in that case the number of female students for higher studies will certainly increase. The question of finance does not hold good. The spacious existing degree colleges of women may be raised to the level of universities, and in this way, the opening of separate women's universities will not be a financial burden to government too.

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