May 07, 2017

A Stormy Night

A Stormy Night

English Essay on "A Stormy Night"

I still recall that night with fear. It was October, perhaps, when my uncle and one of his friends arranged for a boat to take us for fishing in the sea. It was a big boat with five sailors. We went quite a long distance away from Manora even. During the way we enjoyed fishing and fried fish to eat. A new type of fish was fished the name of which I forget. My uncle’s friend lit a cigarette and put it into the mouth of the fish and it smoked to our astonishment like a smoker.
As dusk began to approach we stated our return journey. But as late might have it, the wind became rough and powerful, all of a sudden and the waves became very high. Darkness overtook us and instead of going towards the shore we were being carried by the winds and waves away. The sailors were trying hard to change the direction but it was of no avail.
As it struck 10 in the night, the sea became more and more tumultuous and angry. The waves became very high. They used to take the boat very high and as the crests passed and the trough of the waves came, the boat fell from a considerable height into the water. At each fall we felt that our hearts were coming out to our mouths and we thought the boat would not come up. But another wave followed it and we were to undergo the same shock, fear of approaching death and sense of helplessness again and again. The cloud had canopied the sky and it was pitch dark all around except the shining fish due to presence of phosphorous which occasionally came with the waves. The sea was so stormy by mid night that even the sailors lost hope of survival. My uncle was very ill and he vomited after every five minutes. Then my uncle’s friend asked us to pray. We prayed for some time with tears running down our cheeks. Who had lost all hope of survival and were expecting to be drowned any time.
Suddenly a seagull came and sat on the mast. We took it to be a good omen and thought that Allah had sent it, in answer to two our prayers, to console us. The despair that had caught us vanished soon. We were surprised to learn later that every body was thinking the same thing about the gull. Hope had been rekindled in our hearts. Soon, the rough wind became gentler and gambler and the sea calmer and calmer. The sailors took the boat towards break-water and the currents then drove us towards Manora. From there we oared to Karachi harbour. I vowed never to go for fishing in the sea and I mean to keep it.

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