November 07, 2015

A Visit through Saddar

A Visit through Saddar

English Essay on "A Visit through Saddar"

Saddar is the oldest market of Karachi. Once it was considered the main market of Karachi and despite the construction of a number of very attractive and big ones, Saddar has not lost its importance. A visit to Saddar is always exciting. All the daylong the streets are crowded with visitors, buyers, hawkers, and others. The foot paths of all the roads passing through Saddar are occupied by vendors and shopkeepers selling all kinds of goods, and it gets so congested that one has to make one’s way through with difficulty. The main road is always congested with buses, cars, Taxis and motor cycles.
As evening approaches, Saddar becomes livelier and livelier. It gets over crowded every where. Restaurants are filled with people busy in talking, laughing, eating and drinking. Nearly all the shops are crowded with buyers. Neonsigns, coloured bulbs and tube lights of different colors make Saddar look like a fancy place. Roads are over flooded with the lights from cars, taxis and buses.
On one end of Zaibun-nisa street there are shops selling electronic goods like freezers, refrigerators, deep freezers, juicers, and other things. This portion of the road becomes very congested at evening. On the other end of the Street are cloth markets and shops for spare parts, for electronic goods and
Bohri bazar is another important section. It is a very busy market with small shops constructed in rows. The market occupies an area of seven acres. Shops of all kinds of goods such as cloth, Ready made clothes, woolen goods, crockeries, glass wares, china wares, plastic goods etc: are there. The narrow lanes are thronged with buyers and hawkers.
Empress market is another important place of business. It has vegetable shops, fruit shops, booksellers shops, beetle leaves shop and shops serving coffee and other grocer’s items. This portion of Saddar is always swarmed by buses and other vehicles.
Saddar is an interesting place for an evening walk. But one must be careful of pick pockets who are very active there. There is also the danger of accident if one walks carelessly along the roads of Saddar. People selling counterfeit foreign goods like watches, Parker pens etc and those selling brass goods claiming them to be made of pure gold also lurk there.

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