October 01, 2015

An Evening Walk

An Evening Walk

English Essay on "An Evening Walk"

An Evening is a lovely part of a day. The sun goes down to the western horizon. Its heat abates and its dazzling brightness dims. Offices close for the day and people return home expecting worries free, and labour free hours of domestic repose, caress of loving children and their chatting.
My school is a double shifted one. I am the student of morning shift. At 5 o’clock in the evening I usually go for an evening walk. One day as I left my home, one of my cousins also met me in the way and willingly accompanied me. We walked up to the railway crossing and then took the track going along the railway lines. We passed by Liaquatabad railway station and after walking a few furlongs farther we turned to the left and walked along an other track.
Soon we saw a few men running around a field. Some persons were walking and talking. An old man with a Young boy of eight or nine years had also come for evening stroll. We soon left them behind. Then we came upon some people busy in flying kites. Other people and boys were standing around them looking at the kites.4essay.blogspot.com
The sun was now setting. It had lost its brightness and looked like a great ball of gold. The sky was crimson and the twilight looked lovely. Then the sun began to assume pink color, and finally it set.
Suddenly we heard a shriek. A very young boy was trembling and looking at a moving object. We looked at it and found it to be a snake creeping lazily away. One of the boys threw a stone at it which hit it on the back and injured it. It could move no farther but it raised its head and hissed. The boys began to hit it with stones. One hit it on the head and it came down. They continued to pelt it with stones till it died.
We then, walked on and took the path leading to (Haidry place). We reached Saifee polytechnic and from there took the street leading us to Paposh Nagar. In my evening walks I have never met an incident like this so I remember it to this day.

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