July 08, 2015

A Visit to a Hill Station

A Visit to a Hill Station

English Essay on "A Visit to a Hill Station"

To visit a hill station is a great occasion. It proves a great relief when one arrives there after under going the scorching heat of the plane. One feels to have been transported from a hell to a paradise.
My uncle lives at Rawalpindi. During summer vacation last year, we went to see him. He was kind enough to take us one morning to Murree. We took a bus early in the morning. The bus ran along leveled road for some time and then began to run up hill. The road was winding with ninny turns come of which were blind and dangerous. At last we reached the bus stop of Murree.
Thence we went round the city on foot. We climbed up and up. There were tall conical trees Like cypress, pinus, fern, cedar and thuja. A part from these fruit bearing trees like apple, peach, almond, pear were also growing. The sweet fragrance of peach flowers was very refreshing. Green trees and plants, beautiful butterflies, varieties of lovely flowers and sweet songs of small birds enchanted us.
Streets were thronged with people wearing different dresses. Foreigners were also seen. Most of these people were busy n sight seeing. They talked, laughed or smoked. Houses were built in an irregular way. (4essay.blogspot.com) In some cases the roof of one was in the level of the front door of an other. Some houses were built on high hills and some on slopes. It was very difficult to climb up and we were gasping.
It was strange to see clouds floating around us. These clouds, sometimes, get access to a room through an open window and wet every thing present there. sometimes they gathered so thick that it became dark around us but soon they dispersed.
Kashmir Point is a beautiful place at one end of Murree. To look at the snow clad white peaks from Kashmir point was thrilling, no doubt, but it made the eyes painful due to reflection of the very bright light. Some people hired ponies to reach Kashmir Point. The ascent has over tired us so we rested for half an hour there. Then we returned to the bus stop to catch a Pindi bound bus. Over tired but happy we returned after sunset and lay down in our cots with eyes shut for quite a long time.

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