May 23, 2015

Urdu as Medium of Instruction

Urdu as Medium of Instruction

English Essay on "Urdu as Medium of Instruction Should English be continued as Medium of Instruction"

It was Lord Macauley who first thought of introducing English as medium of instruction to make Indians culturally slaves also. After the creation of Pakistan authorities continued to keep English the official slate language of Pakistan and it is hoped that up to the doomsday it will remain the official state language of Pakistan.
Since the creation of Pakistan the general public has been insisting on making Urdu as official state language of Pakistan and the medium of instruct ion at all educational levels but the move has been hindered by some top influential officers, some eminent influential persons and the self conceited owners of English medium schools which have grown as mushroom in Pakistan. They insist on continuing English as state language and medium of instruction, firstly because English has assumed international medium of communication, secondly because all standard books on scientific, technical and other subjects are available in English for us to consult, thirdly because to keep us aware of the scientific and technical developments taking place rapidly English is necessary: fourthly because research facilities at home are lacking and one interested in research or doctorate is bound to go abroad preferably to Britain or America where one can do nothing without
Those, advancing these silly arguments, fail to consider that firstly it is derogatory and insulting for a sovereign state to adopt the state language of another country when her own language is well developed and able o express all kinds of scientific or technical thoughts. Secondly it is much easier to follow and understand one’s own language. Students in general feet it difficult to follow English and the students of English medium schools only cram like parrots without understanding the substance and reproduce in examinations getting good marks because our defective examination system likes students to vomit undigested what they have swallowed. Thirdly by adopting the language of another country as official state language the entire nation comes under the cultural domination of that country in due course of time, unintentionally, without realizing it. For instance, in India, the new Muslim generation is coming culturally under Hindu domination.
All countries of the world, save some countries like Pakistan, are proud of their national languages and hate to speak other languages. Ia France all English words and phrases in use have been officially banished recently by a law. Even China which was then an underdeveloped country refused to make Russian as her official language at the Lime of independence. She has since become one of the world powers and an advanced country in scientific and technical fields. Japan, France, Germany or other countries who are leaders in the field of scientific and technical searches have their own respective language as medium of instruction in their educational institutions. Despite not knowing English they keep themselves aware of all the scientific and technical developments taking place in America or Britain because they have ample arrangements to translate such books of importance into their own language immediately.
The government of Pakistan should not realize the need of making Urdu us medium of instruction and take steps to replace English by Urdu. But the difficulty with us is that we are never sincere and are used to say something else and do something else and that is why nothing iii this respect could so fur be done alter the lapse of half a century since independence.

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