January 02, 2015

Early Rising

Early Rising

English Essay on "Early Rising"

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Who has not heard of his famous saying Early rising definitely makes a man healthy, and so does the habit of going early to bed. Given health and fair share of luck, a man may become wealthy. But, perhaps, it is more appropriate to say that a wise man goes to bed and rises early than to say that rising or sleeping early makes a man wise.
In Pakistan and other sub-tropical and Sub tropical countries, the sun shines very brightly all the day. It becomes as hot as the day advances that one finds it more and more difficult to do any kind of work, physical or intellectual, with any degree of efficiency. The laborer sweat profusely, and the heat of the sun tires him more than his work does. The student feels sleep and cannot do the problems before him. The athlete cannot train as much as he would like to, for the simple reason that it is 'too hot'. We know very well that lessons given in the morning are better learnt and longer remembered than those given in the afternoon. Is it not, then, advisable for all of us to rise from our beds early and go about our respective business as early as possible rather than wait for the day to become intolerably hot.
If a farmer begins to plough his fields, a traveler starts on his journey, or a laborer begins his work, while the other of his calling are still asleep, he finishes his task ahead of them.4essay.blogspot.com Besides, he can do much more than the others. The fact that one has already done some of one's work before other have started to do theirs, gives one a peculiar sense of confidence and satisfaction.
Early morning is the best part of the day for scholars and other intellectual workers to go about their work. They are fresh after the night's rest, and there is not much noise at this time to disturb them.
Morning is also the best time for physical exercise. It is so, not only because the weather is cool, but also because the atmosphere is very clear and quiet. A man, going for a walk before sunrise, enjoys the quiet atmosphere of the roadside even more than the cool breeze of the morning. In industrial areas and even in the countryside, the air is loaded with dust and smoke throughout the day. At night much of this dust and smoke settles down. So a man, walking, or taking any other exercise in the morning, breathes in much cleaner air than he may do in the evening.

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