September 05, 2014

Necessary of English Learning

Necessary of English Learning

English Essay on "Necessary of English Learning"

Language is a way of conversation and communication among people. English language is spoken in many countries of the world. It is an easy language which is now being spoken and understood throughout the world. It has an ability to absorb new word. English as a subject is being taught in almost all schools, colleges and universities in Pakistan. The medium English is also common for other subjects, it shows that English is a popular language. The words of English are also used with other languages. The importance of English language can be described by saying that a lot of great thoughts, literature and philosophy are available in English language.( One who knows English is able to read the original works of poets, philosophers, writers and thinkers. The language also gives the key to the latest scientific discoveries of the world. For the traveler and a business man, no language is more useful than English. Indeed, the English language is known so widely over the surface of the globe, and is spreading so rapidly year by year. The learning of English is necessary not only for this because the knowledge of every subject is easily available in this language but is becoming common as everyday language.

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