August 01, 2014

The Importance of Advertisement

The Importance of Advertisement

English Essay on "The Importance of Advertisement"

The word "Advertise" means to bring something to the public attention. In our times advertising has become a big business. There are cores of large companies, employing thousands of writers and artists and other experts that specialize in the field of advertising. These firms design and write advertisements and manage publicity for everything.
Early in the morning when you open a newspaper, a lady showing all her teeth advises you to use a particular brand of tooth paste, another young woman tells you that her beautiful complexion is the gift of this or that toilet soap. The film advertisements, with scantly dressed women cover many full pages of almost all the newspapers.( Radio and Television also broadcast such type of advertisements.
Advertisement in a way is useful. They keep public informed about the products. It is also claimed that advertisements help to improve the standard of things they introduce and promote. The importance and value of advertising can be described as following.
  1. They help to improve the trade and the sale of different products.
  2. They provide charming, glamour and mental refreshes.
  3. They provide information about the opportunities of jobs.
  4. The advertisement helps in selling or purchasing of different things and property.
In the modern period advertising has become very fast and wide due to the use of the computers.

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