August 20, 2014

Cell Phone Effects

Cell Phone Effects

English Essay on "Cell Phone Effects"

Mobile phones which are also known as cell phones are cordless telephones linked to a digital cellular radio network. Mobile phones can connect to the Internet via a data card which converts computer data into a form that can be passed over the network and vice versa.
Mobile phones have revolutionized the Societies of the world. Every single person is now taking interest in keeping a mobile phone. Mobile phones prove a good invention of science because they can receive and send signals to communicate. The hand sets are so small that they can be easily kept in pocket. Everyone who has a mobile phone set and connection can be detected easily and his relatives and friends and other persons who want to talk to him on important matter can easily call him on his personal mobile phone.( Thus mobile phones make the world more closely.
Every technology has its pleasant effects as well as bad effects, similarly where mobile phones are the source of many advantages, they also provide a trend of fashion. People want to keep the mobile phone of latest technology, they spend a lot of money on buying mobile phone without considering on their budget of income and expenditure. The students are looking everywhere playing with their mobile phones. Some immoral activities are also being shown by the use of the mobile phones. The rate of crimes has also been increased due to the increasing use of mobile phones. Hence we can say mobile phone is necessity, if it is used in constructive process but if it is used only as fashion, it becomes a great source of the wastage of our precious time.

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