July 18, 2014

Duties of a Good Citizen

Duties of a Good Citizen

English Essay on "Duties of a Good Citizen"

A good citizen is one who knows his rights and duties as a citizen. He asserts his rights and performs his duties with equal zest, His rights in fact imply his duties. In all democracies an individual enjoys political as well as civil rights. Political rights consist of right to vote, right to freedom of expression and faith, right to movement etc. Civil rights are of as vital importance as the political rights. This enables an individual to live in a civilized manner.
A good citizen defends his political and civil rights very zealously. The state helps him in that through law and justice. Violation of these rights is often punishable by law. We must know that rights and duties are correlative. One’s right implies another’s duty and vice versa. This correlation has never lost sight of a good citizen. A citizen is free to organize his life as he likes. Technically the position may be all right but in actual practice there are many checks on one’s freedom. I cannot build a house anywhere I like.(4essay.blogspot.com) I cannot build it in the way I like. I must confirm to the municipal byelaws. These laws have been framed in accordance with certain common considerations. I cannot throw the garbage of my house anywhere I like. I cannot walk in the middle of the road. I cannot blow a trumpet at midnight. If I have the right to dot it, my neighbors have the right to sleep peacefully. If I am a good citizen I will impose some discipline on myself.
As a member of society, a good citizen has certain obligations. Illiteracy, poverty, superstition, disease and a host of other problems demand the attention of a good citizen. He has to think about these and their evils. He must give his best to the society. He must not let his energies and talents go waste. It will be social loss. A good citizen normally speaking, respects laws. If he is liable to be taxed he pays it. He does not evade taxes because it is a crime as well as a sin. He knows that his own good is linked with the good of others. He does not therefore indulge in dishonest practices. He does not try to influence the government officials for his private ends. He does not offer bribes.
An ignorant or a selfish man can venire a good citizen. If he is ignorant, he does not know which rights to defend and which duties to perform. If he is timid, he lacks the courage to defend any encroachment on his rights. If he is selfish, he lacks the generosity to respect other’s convenience and comfort.

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