May 24, 2014

The Independence Day Celebration in My School

The Independence Day Celebration in My School

English Essay on "The Independence Day Celebration in My School"

The fourteenth of August is an auspicious day for every Pakistani. On this day, Pakistan was created in 1947 and we became a free nation. The dream of Allama Iqbal, to have a separate homeland for Muslims, materialized and the efforts of our Quaid-e-Azam bore fruits.
Every year our school, celebrates the Independence Day with pomp and show. This year too arrangements were made to celebrate the day with great enthusiasm. The school was decorated with flags and buntings. Programme to celebrate the day was chalked out by the senior teachers and announced by the Head Master on the 13th of August. Boys were required to be present at 7-30, A-M. sharp at the school.
We reached the school in uniform before 7:30. We were asked to stand class wise before the flag post. At 7:45 sharp the Head Master appeared from his office and came to the flag post. He stood there talking to the
Just as sirens sounded throughout Pakistan announcing the beginning of the celebrations and moving objects came to a standstill, our Head Master Unfurled the flag and we all stood like stone statues saluting the national flag. Meanwhile national anthem was being sung by a group of sweet voiced students. Then we shouted Pakistan zindabad and Quaid-e-Azam zindabad.
This over, our programme to celebrate the day began. The scout band tuned national tongs, followed by speeches by the Head Master, a few teachers and some students of the senior classes, urging us to realize the importance of the day and always be prepared to die for the country, if circumstances demand.
After the speeches were over, sports began. Boys securing the first and the second positions in each item were rewarded by the Head Master. In the end every boy was handed over a packet containing sweets and then we dispersed.

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