May 12, 2014

My School

My School

English Essay on "My School"

I am a student of the Sherwood High School. It is a private school run by a trust. Our School stands far from the hurly and burly of the city in the open. Its building is grand and beautiful. It has twenty rooms and on both the sides of the classroom there is a verandah. Shady trees grow near the verandah and keep us cool during summer. Each of the classroom is decorated with charts, sayings and pictures of famous scholars like Allama Iqbal and Newton.
Just in front of the classrooms there is a vast playground. We play in that play ground during interval and also after school. When the school bell rings we gather in the playground class wise. A teacher recites verses from the Holy Quran. After that we walk to our respective classroom.
Our School has a science lab where we do our science practical’s. There is a library near the lab. The library has enough books on all subjects but we are interested in fairy tales. The librarian issues us books we ask for, during the interval and after the school is over. Those students who spoil the borrowed books are
There are thirty teachers in our school. All of them are learned and know their Job. They teach us with interest and with love. They are hard working and sincere. They love to explain us things again and again if we are not in a position to understand or grasp them.
Our Head Master is a kindly old man. He loves all the students and supervises the teaching. He visits our classes once or twice daily and if a teacher is on leave he loves to take the class himself, or arranges for some other teacher to teach us.
There is a good arrangement for games. After school each class has to take part in games on allotted days. The game superintendent supervises the game and if somebody is injured he gives him first aid. I am proud of my school.

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